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There is Something Simply Magical About Getting Married on the River

There is Something Simply Magical About Getting Married on the River


If you’re one of the few lucky couples engaged to be married this year, the magic of your commitment can only be matched by the magic of your wedding day.  If you and your fiancé are interested in doing something uniquely ethereal and incredibly romantic, then consider the idea of having your wedding on the river.

An Intimate Ceremony
Getting married by the river is ideal if you and your partner are planning to have an intimate ceremony with your family and friends. The sound of the river accompanying your vows is soothing, natural, and awe-inspiring.  Not only does this setting make your ceremony very private and intimate, something that you’re sharing with only your true loved ones, but there is a certain kind of magic that the surrounding water invokes into the atmosphere.

Religious significance
Interestingly, in many cultures, water carries a significant and revered place in wedding ceremonies. The history and importance and water is pervasive throughout all of the major world religions of Judaism, Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam, Shinto, Zoroastiranism, and numerous others.

Not only does water carry religious significance but also adds an amorous touch to your wedding ceremony. If you choose to get married on the river, evening time around sunset is an ideal time of the day. The soft early evening sun creates a romantic flicker on the water – illuminating it almost like candlelight.

The Riverfront Setting
In addition to all of this, the light rustling of the nearby trees, the warm and gentle rays of the sun, the soft whispers of the wind and most importantly, the magic and clairvoyance of the calm river waters will make your wedding an evening you’ll remember for the rest of your life.

Welcome to your most special day at Blackstone Rivers Ranch, a boutique and intimate mountain riverfront Colorado venue.